They say the best conversations start at a bar. Sometimes, the best ideas too start over bar. The Bar Collective is one such idea, of entrepreneurs Tejal and Binoy.

Tejal has a background in Event Management while Binoy spent his early career in the United States in the finance sector. Besides sharing a life together, Tejal and Binoy share their love for entertaining, hosting and travelling.

Binoy, busy in the corporate world and Tejal busy being a homemaker and a mother; they had no complains. It was the months spent at home during the global pandemic, over evenings of drinks and long conversations, they reassessed their future and decided to become the entrepreneurs they were meant to be.

But what did they feel equally passionate about? The answer was staring at them in the face - a manifestation of their love for travel and their love for entertaining into a larger, more fulfilling purpose.

And that’s how the idea of ‘The Bar Collective’ was born.

‘The Bar Collective’ evolved from the reality that the Indian consumer has evolved.

Their well-heeled and well-travelled lifestyle has made them even more discerning. Their world-view, global. Their brand wish-list, aspirational.

Whether it’s fashion, fine wines, gourmet cheeses, artifacts, home décor…they want the best the world has to offer. And when it comes to stocking their home bars, it’s no different. Ice pails from UK, cork screws from France, glassware from Germany, metalware from the interiors of India.

If only there was an easier way for them to access all their indulgences back home without having to scour the world. ‘The Bar Collective’ intends to fill that gap by stocking everything required to create the perfect Bar.

Today, The Bar Collective is a complete e-commerce platform for All Things Bar. Bar carts, Butler trays, Glassware, Decanters, Ice buckets, Bar tools, Wine accessories, Chillers, Serving Trays, Unbreakable drinkware and lots more…

Curated, sourced, imported and distributed entirely by The Bar Collective.

The range, expansive. The brands, exclusive. The taste, evolved.