Cyrus  knows  his alcohol

Cyrus knows his alcohol

The suit is dead – long live the suit. A classic two piece has forever been central to most men’s wardrobes. However, this particular moment feels like a turning point in the history of tailoring. The past few years have seen a gradual unbuttoning as dress codes have relaxed, with shirts and ties no longer an everyday necessity in many workplaces. With the old rules of office attire thrown out, it’s the right time to have more fun with tailoring. Liberated from the nine to five, a suit can be dressed up for a formal occasion or down for day-to-day wear. Reports of its demise, then, were greatly exaggerated; it’s just getting started.

With the suit’s new lease of life, we sat down with five of the best dressed men that we know, all of whom have a particular affinity for tailoring. Each of them told us about their personal style and the role that smarter wear plays in it. What do they look for in a new suit? And, more importantly, how does it make them feel?
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